Thursday, September 09, 2010

MBOSC Fundraiser at Mick's Automotive Sept 24th

Tracy Cotten - the owner of Mick's Automotive - has offered to donate 100% of the profits from labor and parts from his business on Friday September 24th from 12:30 - 7 pm MBOSC. Mick's Automotive is an auto repair shop specializing in Japanese cars.

Tracy and his lead technician Brian are avid mountain bikers and have been active supporters of MBOSC. If you have ever spoken with Tracy you will soon learn that he is an expert on the subject of cars and he is very pragmatic on car maintenance. He and his staff are serious about learning new skills an they do a lot of research on new cars and maintenance. You can be assured that you will be getting top notch service at Mick's.

If you have a Japanese car and need service then please give Mick's a call and schedule your work for Friday September 24th.

Micks Automotive
1257 Thompson Ave. #D
Santa Cruz CA 95062

We can raise a significant amount of money for MBOSC if we can get some big jobs scheduled rather than simple oil changes. If you need service on your Japanese vehicle then you can help MBOSC by having Mick's do your job on Sept 24 th.

MBOSC uses membership dues and other funds we raise to pay for basic overhead like web hosting, printing and insurance (our biggest expense). We also make donations to other non-profits and land conservation trusts which support mountain biking. We also use our funds to pay for event day use fees and permits like Carrotfest and Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day

Recently, we have used various fundraisers and
member donations to pay for:

We are looking to fund other projects like to fix the Skyline trail Castle Rock State Park to support multi-use. We also want to help pay for the hard costs to open the Pogonip multi-use trail.

Thank you and please support MBOSC by scheduling your car maintenance at Mick's Automotive.