Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Announcing Carrot Fest 2006

The Santa Cruz County Horsemen's Association and Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz will be hosting Carrot Fest 2006 on Saturday May 13th at Horse Camp in Wilder Ranch near Dimeo Lane.

The goal of Carrot Fest is to create safer shared use trails by training horses to be comfortable with the presence of bikes and educating bikers to the needs of equestrians on the trails. In addition, it brings both user groups together in a fun environment to get to know each other and reinforce that we share the common goal of enjoying the open space.

Refreshments will be served. Kids are welcome. Other details will follow and will be posted on

Here are some pics from a previous Carrot Fest:

Please contact Mark ( if you wish to participate or help organize Carrot Fest 2006.

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