Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Announcing Carrot Fest 2006! Saturday May 13th 9 am

Carrot Fest is an event co-sponsored by the Santa Cruz County Horseman's Association (SCCHA) and Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC) that helps to desensitize horses to mountain bikes and increase communication and understanding between mountain bikers and equestrians. This is a really positive event that helps to maintain the wonderful relationship that exists between equestrians and mountain bikers in Santa Cruz county. If you have been following the events from Woodside, CA then you should appreciate the great relationship we have with the equestrian community here. So come out and get to know our 4 legged friends!

The core organizing group has done a lot of legwork in setting up the permit, getting the lawn mowed, insurance and all the other logistical support but we could really use some help on the day of the event. We would love to have an event photographer and some more leaders who have done Carrot Fest in the past (alas, the previous Carrot Fests were before my time). Please contact me or Sebastien if you want to help out.

We need some mountain bikers to participate! Help make horses feel comfortable by riding around them and giving them carrots. There will be a clinic portion of the event in which the equestrians and bikers will be milling around and interacting at horse camp. After the clinic, groups of equestrians and bikers will ride in opposite directions along Wilder Ridge loop and meet up and practice the rules of interaction.

Coffee and carrot cake will be provided. Perhaps other snacks and schwag may be provided. TBD.

Just the facts

Time and Location : 9 am @ Horse Camp near Dimeo Lane at Wilder Ranch State Park, Santa Cruz, California.

We may have a group ride starting at 8:15 am at the usual Wilder meeting place and riding over to Horse Camp along Wilder Ridge trail.

Location: Dimeo lane is the street that leads to the SC dump. Horse camp is the dirt road which is an immediate right when you get onto Dimeo lane.

We encourage mountain bikers to ride over to Horse Camp but there is limited space available for parking at Horse Camp. The Horse Camp parking is pretty rugged and the gravel road up there is a little steep. Please carpool if you have to park at Horse Camp. Priority is given to equestrians with trailers, families with young children and carpooling. CA State Park day use fees are in effect at Horse Camp.

Resources for Equestrian, Biker interaction

Equestrians And Cyclists: Can We Get Along?

Bikes and Horses: A Case for Sharing

Thanks and see you at Carrot Fest!

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