Monday, February 19, 2007

Meat the Beetles

Chris Spohrer - an Ecologist for the SC district of State Parks - contacted me the other day to let me know about the annual migration of the Ohlone Tiger Beetles.

In Graywhale Ranch at this time of year there is an emergence of federally endangered Ohlone Tiger Beetles (OTB) along a section of the Chinquapin Trail. In order for State Parks to meet their natural resource protection mandate and provide for recreation within the park the resource staff installs a cable-guided trail detour - which takes visitors 10 feet away and parallel to the road - to protect the beetles and allow for passage of bikes, pedestrians and horses. The use of this detour actually enhances and expands suitable habitat for the OTB.

The fencing has been in effect for six years and State Parks annual surveys show that the population is healthy and increasing. Unfortunately, approximately 40% of the cable fencing was vandalized in early February. Hopefully, by letting you know that this program has been working to increase the OTB population, park visitors will respect and honor this State Parks commitment to comply with federal endangered species mandates.

We would like to thank those visitors who honor and accepting this seasonal temporary detour.

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