Friday, April 20, 2007

Late Sea Otter report

Yea I know the Otter was last week but I've been busy... First of all, here are the pix.

I had a fun filled Sea Otter this year. Camping, schmoozing, working the booth and volunteering for the dual slalom course on Thursday and Friday (but not Saturday!). Surprisingly, this is the first year in 8 that I have not raced or even entertained the idea of racing. I guess those days are over for now.

The booth was a lot of fun and was a great vehicle to build awareness about MBoSC/MORCA/ROMP/VO-cal and issues in Santa Cruz County. We had a great view of the DS course and the kids in the air. It was a great place to call home base.

During the heavy rains, a river was running through the booth and we were pinned down under the EZ-up without beer. Fortunately, someone bartered a big Fox raincoat (a popular item during the rain) for some beer that I would retrieve. I ducted taped the bottom of the coat to construct a makeshift set of chaps. Not only was I waterproof but I looked like something that rode out of a German industrial fetish movie. I rode my bike and bob trailer up to camp in comfort to get beer for everyone!

The beer was a huge hit (thanks, Charlie!). I shared it with volunteers, TWW campers, fellow advocates, bike industry types and people interested in our booth. Beer wise, the Dirt Rag and IMBA booths were well taken care of. Local frame builder Craig Calfee of Calfee Design was in the booth beside IMBA and I set him up some of Seabright's Oatmeal Stout. We had a conversation about local issues and he gave me some great contacts. His carbon bikes are gorgeous works of art and he was showing his new bamboo and hemp hard tail mountain bike. What a novel idea! If you get lost in the woods then you can eat and smoke your frame until you get rescued.

Thanks to Peter and the MORCA folks. You supplied the EZ-up, table, table cloth and chairs and most of the personnel. We only brought the beer - the fuel of mountain bike advocacy. A big thanks to Charlie Meehan of Seabright Brewery for all the great beer. There are a lot more riders in Northern California who are aware Blur, Oatmeal Stout and the ubiquitous "Kenny". I'd also like to thank Daryl and Rich for doing booth duty and all of the Dual Slalom volunteers. Thanks to all for helping out.

So many good memories. The IMBA summit, kids in the air, long legged chix, late night scotch, corrupting young minds with South Park on the video iPod, Buell's fire dance, meeting and getting to know old and new friends at camp Wrong Way and the summit...

Whew, I'm glad it's over. I can't wait until next year...

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