Monday, August 17, 2009

Tahoe Trip 2009 was a success!

We had about 70-80 riders from 5 northern California clubs: MBOSC, ROMP, BTCEB, BONC and FATRAC. We had a movie night, a raffle and lots of beer. The location was great except for the late night construction on the first 2 nights.

There were about 26 riders/campers/trail workers from MBOSC and we had a lot of fun. Lots of beer was consumed, many rides were done and the trail building day was successful. There were many ride options this year for different abilities. The highlight for me was riding up to Armstrong Pass and down Mr Toads. An awesome and epic-y ride! Another highlight was sharing the Tahoe Rim Trail from Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel creek with my daughter. I was so happy to be able to show her those majestic views.

We had about 70-80 trail volunteers construct 860 ft of full bench cut trail for the Donner Lake rim trail. Many rocks were moved to build retaining walls, stumps removed, manzinita hacked, dozens of wheel barrows full of dirt were moved and about 6 large fallen trees were
moved off the path of the trail. Be proud of yourselves, folks. The finished trail was really impressive!

I would like to thank Linda George for being the lead organizer of this event. Dave George for baking 2 apple pies and cookies for Eve's birthday party. Sebastien Praly for brewing 2 kegs of great beer over the course of this summer for this trip. New Belgium Brewing company for donating many cases of beer (the cold brew after trail work was the best!) Tracey Cotten for volunteering the use of his truck for shuttling mountain bikers, tools and beer - and for sharing a bottle of high quality Tequila! Many others deserve thanks including all of you participants. I'm glad to have got to know so many cool people a lot better.

I would especially like to thank Steve Gemelos for organizing the MBOSC participants. Steve's organization and communications made the event run really smoothly for MBOSC.

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