Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MBOSC donates $3,500 to Wilder Ranch State Park

I am really pleased to announce that MBOSC has donated $3,500 to Wilder Ranch State Park. Due to the success of our recent fund raising efforts we decided to increase our donation from $2,000 to $3,500. We really appreciate the generosity of the mountain biking community in supporting our efforts to help our local State Parks during these
difficult budgetary times.

The funds will be earmarked for a new sign at the entrance to the Wilder Ranch back country near the Cowboy Coral. There are a lot of out of town visitors to Wilder Ranch so we feel that good signage is valuable to help orient our guests in the park. A high quality sign is also a visible demonstration that the facilities are well kept. The old sign was dated, faded, falling apart - and a bit of an embarrassment (see image).

The new sign will be built by
Wildways Illustrated. You have probably seen their work all over the Monterey Bay area. We will be starting the design process soon and a representative from MBOSC will be on the committee to help oversee the design. We hope to have the sign completed by next spring.

We are also interested in funding two more park signs at Wilder: one at 4 Corners (where Enchanted Loop meets Eucalyptus Loop) and another near Empire Grade.

Mountain bikers have been volunteering our labor to help maintain the local trails for decades. This financial contribution represents another avenue for which the mountain biking community contributes to the maintenance of our parks resources.

Thank you all very much for helping us make a generous contribution to our local parks!

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