Friday, January 26, 2007

Proposed BMX Style Bike Park in Santa Cruz

Jesse Nickell, Barry Swenson Builder VP & coach of the Harbor High School Mt. Bike Team, is leading the charge to get a temporary BMX/Stunt bike park established off Laurel Street Extension (next to the River Levee, behind Wheel Works and next to the Laurel Street bridge). The stunt ramps would be recycled from the current skate park at the fun spot near the wharf. The skate park is moving to a permanent location along the other side of the San Lorenzo River where the tennis courts used to be.

The city would provide the land which is currently used for limited parking and the park could be up & running as early as this spring. The City’s Downtown Commission approved the plan and now the City’s Parks and Rec Commission must give it their blessing.

The new Santa Cruz BMX Bike Park needs your help. Here is how you can help.

  1. Attend the Monday, February 5th, 4pm City Parks and Rec Commission meeting at the City Council Chambers, 809 Center Street, Santa Cruz. Let them know you want this park! If you cannot attend send an email in support to
  2. Help pay for the expenses of getting this Bike Park up and running. This is a great project to sponsor. More places to ride will lead to more kids buying bikes.
Please pass this onto a stunt riding friend.

Image from Chris at Brickhouse Bikes

UPDATE: February 8, 2007.

According to the
Santa Cruz Sentinel it appears that the City Council has agreed to move forward on this proposal. It appears that Berri from the Bicycle Trip is going to make a large donation to this project.

Thank you very much for attending the meeting or sending in your comments of support.

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