Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pogonip: Healthy Choices to Clean up the Community

The proposed multi-use trail through the east side of Pogonip is a win-win situation. Not only will we clean up the drug trafficking and illegal camping in that area but we will have an amazing new trail to connect Golf Club Road to the U-Con trail. The success of the project will depend on our community and the choices we make.

Drug Sanctuaries or Family Activities

Shooting Dens or Single Track

Wasted Youth or Healthy Youth

Track Marks or Tire Tracks

Sleeping Hovels or Happy Riders

Crash Pads or Knee Pads

Trash or Trails


Bike Babe said...

Ugh! I can't believe how horrible Pogonip looks. So thankful for MBOSC's work, and Dan's pictures. And now we've got the climate that will foster our community turning negative usage at Pogonip in to a healthy outlet for the Santa Cruz community. There's some cleaning to be done, but many hands make light work. I hope we can make east side access to UCSC a reality!

Janell said...

Unbelievable! Yet believable. I hiked thru there a few years ago and gagged several times. Was supposed to be a nice hike, beautiful day.

Bicycling Monterey said...

Your photos and captions tell it so well: responsible mountain biking is a great Rx for the ill treatment of this land.

Anonymous said...

Would like to talk with members of MBoSC for a story about the proposed Pogonip trail. I can be reached at 429-2410 or Thanks,
J.M. Brown, the Santa Cruz Sentinel

Patrick said...

I really hope this trail can be built and we can clean that shit hole up. It's our forest and we want it back!

Maddog Animal said...

Let us all remember that the Hiker/walker fanatics are not at all interested in sharing. They live in a egocentric narcissistic world; those who have dealt with narcissists know there is no reasoning that penetratrates the wall. I am a multi-use advocate: I have been an equestrian and am currently a hiker and mountian biker. I realize my personal experience will be affected by others on the trail, but since I learned in kindergarten to SHARE, I share. Multi-use advocates need to use the full spectrum of legal and political means to facilitate this trail’s (and other multi-use trails’) construction.

Stuart said...

I cannot believe these people they don't know how to throw there own trash on the proper trash can. Hope this place will be clean.

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