Friday, July 09, 2010

Recreational Biking in Pogonip

Once upon a time people had fun on bicycles in Pogonip. And it was good. Bikes weren't exclusively for transportation. These bikes were used for pure whimsical recreation. In Pogonip. And it was good. And people had fun. In Pogonip.

The image of bike polo was scanned from "Pogonip: Jewel of Santa Cruz" 2007 Joan Gilbert Martin & Colleen McInerney-Meager. ISBN 978-1-890625-08-5


jakelewin said...

I'm only reading this now (Sept 5, 2010). What happened? Looking at the proposed route, it seems like a great addition. Would appear to provide a ride from Town to Henry Cowell.

Mark Davidson said...

We made a lot of progress over the summer. A multi-use trail was proposed through the currently closed 150 acres in Pogonip to mitigate the illegal activity. The trail proposal passed the Parks and Rec Commission by 7-0, the study and design passed City Council by 6-0 and most recently the Parks Department presented their plan to the public on Sept 1st for input. Next step will be to present the final plan and environmental analysis to City Council in November. Stay tuned!